Back from many trips across the globe, Jérémie and Marie founded Northpoint in November 2017.

They’ve decided to put together their passion for adventures, discoveries and cultures into music. The two globetrotters were eager to share their music to the world. When in Cambodia, they met César a Brazilian drummer. In February 2019, he joined the band bringing his influences into the mix.

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The trio combines various universes: from jazz to  latin,  from hip-hop to metal. They are also inspired by traditional music such as celtic, balkan, folk …. Amonst the artists who inspire the trio feature Chick Corea, Ibrahim Maallouf, Tigran Hamasyan, Robert Glasper, and Sigur Ross, just to name a few.  All of this blends into  joyful, dynamic and fresh songs .


Jérémie Coquillart – Piano

It is through Hip-Hop dance that Jérémie stepped first into the world of Arts. He started learning classical piano for few years but he got quickly attracted by Jazz and Latin music.

He travelled around the world for a few years before going back to France to study music in Valence where he met Marie. They founded Northpoint at that time.


Marie Chevalier – Vocals and Flute

She discovered music at 7 learning flute in Chambery, France. She started singing during her engineering studies. Starting from classical singing, she turned towards modern music particularly rock and metal. Over the years she practiced different vocal techniques.

After a few years travelling the world, she got back to France to study in Valence where she met Jérémie.




César Toni – Drums & Percussions

From São Paulo Brazil , plays drums,percussion,guitar,and vocals. Start to play professionally at age of 18 eclectic stiles from rock to bossa-nova , jazz to traditionals rhythms of Brazil and on. Started to record ,touring and doing tv programs with different artists and bands in Brazil . In 2003 , he went to Macau (China) with his own band .

Since then, he is playing around the world with different bands. He met Jérémie and Marie while in Cambodia.

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